FretsOnFire has been around for a while and allows you to play GuitarHero on your own machine, but JamLegend is an online version. Using the 1-5 buttons for the frets and enter to strum you can play like Guitar Hero.
There is some pretty good music on there from bands you will have never heard of – I didn’t see any music that I recognised, but I guess this will eventually come, but in the meantime this is a fun way of finding out new music. One of my favourite tracks so far is Go On by Blue Judy and the neat thing is they also provide links to other sites where you can get the music to download. In this case there is itunes, cdbaby, lastfm and others. The other good thing is they have good taste in tshirts – see the right most tshirt 😉
There are showdowns and Duels where you can compete against other people in realtime. It also has social features where you can add friends and you need an invite to play – I currently have three invites for (regular) blog readers if anyone wants it leave a comment.
One down side that is really annoying is that my flash player stutters – normally when I get to around 50 notes which means it breaks my streak and I have to start again. Seeing as though continual play is the best way of advancing through the ranks this is REALLY annoying. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with flash – I suspect it is as it also affects youtube and other flash video viewers 🙁

New golf game

Discovered Albatross18 Season2 the other day – a free downloadable multiplayer golf game. It is golf as you’ve never seen before as the whole thing is done in a manga cartoon style with various special effects too. Very addictive and well worth downloading. The game can be totally free but if you want some of the premium characters,equipment or utilities you can buy cookies online to redeem for items. The ability to create your own rooms and password protect them means that you can host your own mini lan party and play golf instead of shooting each other 😉 The link above has my userid as I get extra panga (the ingame currency earned as you play) for each signup.

Starforce removed from my pc now too!

After reading Neil’s post on StarForce I’ve now removed the software from my pc by following the instructions at Boycott StarForce. The company claims to be good but has sent threatening letters to people who have complained about the software – something people are legally entitled to do. My concern (along with others) is that the software is not uninstalled when you remove games and there was no consent or EULA to have it installed in the first place. UBISoft are apparently the biggest culprits for the bundling of the software but strangely it is starforce who are getting the flack not the game company!

Halo complete.

I finally finished Halo this afternoon. It’s probably taken me a month of on and off playing to complete so I certainly got my moneys worth – especially as I only paid about $3 for it!
The ending was pretty weak, I was expecting a big Evil Boss to appear but it didn’t. After finishing I decided to have a few games online and although I came last on all but one of the challenges (where I came in the top 5 of 12) I enjoyed it.