Lotus Notes blogs?

Anyone know of some good Lotus Notes blogs? Seeing as though this is the mail client I could do with some extra reading to get back up to speed on it. It has been several years since I last used Notes (and then as a developer for databases). A lot has changed since then – the web based front end is really impressive, even if it does rely on java which is often broken on a lot of machines and a new version needs to be downloaded. However, the mail interface leaves an awful lot to be desired.
Yesterday I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t copy/paste from a Notes database. Apparently it is one of the ACL options that means you can’t copy from a document. Thats great for security, to stop you saving your own versions offline, but naff when it comes to copying ip/telephones/licence key information into another window.


  1. Ed Brill

    There are probably about 100 Notes-related blogs. Check my blogroll for some examples.

    The “prevent copy” feature is a feature — it’s not global in Notes. and I’m not sure what version of Domino Web Access you refer to, but the recent versions do not use java at all.

  2. me

    Thanks for the quick feedback Ed – I knew the prevent copy was a feature – just an annoying one for me when the admin person turned it on and I couldn’t figure out why the ctrl-c wasn’t working.
    We’re using 6.5 i think (or at least that is what the client is) – I’ll see if we are likely to upgrade. I think the previous version I used was 4.5 so a lot has changed since then.

  3. Brian Benz

    I second Ed’s list. Specifically, Alan Lepofsky’s site (on that list) has a ton of great usability tips – I recommend it to all Notes client users to see the power of Notes.

  4. Richard Schwartz

    I have 193 “Domino Bloggers” in my aggregator, and most are on my blogroll. Not all are active though, and it’s a bit of a loose definition since it includes people who blog about Notes and Domino as well as people who just happen to use Notes and Domino as their blogging platform but don’t necessarily blog about Notes and Domino. There’s a directory of Domino blogs up on dominodeveloper.net, but I don’t know how recent it is.

    And, btw… there are loads of ways to get around the prevent copy feature 🙂


  5. cb

    I am a Notes Admin and I find this feature very annoying. While I do need to prevent replicating (in a granular way) in many instances, I do not need to prohibit printing and copying to the same people. Separate the two!

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