Onecare bug closed as a duplicate.

The bug I reported about onecare slowing down the performance of thunderbird has been closed because someone else has reported the same problem. Although it’s good to know that it is a known issue, closing the bug BEFORE it’s fixed is a bit daft as I won’t know when they’ve fixed it and it is ok to do more testing. I’ve had to remove the software in the meantime so any form of autoupdate is not going to reach the desktop!


  1. Ron

    I would have to say the OneCare support is a bit lacking as well. I have reported two bugs, and the first one (freezing up my PC when it was trying to run the backup) was closed without resolution. I uninstalled and re-installed the new build, and the bug seemed to have been fixed.

    The second bug was saying that the anti-virus was out of date, even though I had just updated the software. The solution to this problem was also to uninstall and re-install the newest build.

    I think that the most disturbing thing about this is that I have experienced two bugs in the few weeks that I have had this installed, and, according to Slashdot, it looks as though MS is already distributing this, or a version thereof, to corporations

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