Hotmail new look coming soon

According to the spam email I’ve received from hotmail staff, hotmail is getting a new look later this month and I can click a link to see a preview….All clicking on the link gives me is the same page telling me about a preview…so sneaky even I can’t see it.
Update You need ie to view it which is why nothing happened in Firebird.


  1. Aaron

    The net is being drawn in the browser wars. Making Hotmail IE only would be VERY difficult on non-IE users.

    I guess there is that plugin for Firebird to change the User-Agent: and I believe that Opera has this functionality out of the box.

    Lets just hope that they don’t put in any ActiveX crud, or I won’t be able to use it in IE!

  2. Ed

    It’s very confusing to use (i’m on Firebird) as there is no side panel like on IE to access inbox etc . Man this sucks!

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