Google Gmail and blogging saves the day…

I was at the bank filling out the mortgage application the other day (as you do) when I realised I had left some important documents on my usb key back at the office, but I had also emailed them to my gmail account. Using the banks pc I tried to go to and was surprised to see that it was blocked by their content filtering – I guess that they try to restrict web based email so they can control the flow of email into and out of the organisation. However, was not blocked and I was able to access the email that I needed. I also needed to get some dates from the past for the application so thought I would look it up on my blog – except that was also blocked….so back to google, a search for the terms that I needed restricted to, a click on the cached link and I had all the information that I needed. Just shows how useless corporate filtering is.


  1. Rachel

    Mum was telling me that at her work (she’s a Nurse at a major hospital), that spam mail still gets through… Loving the gmail too so far (she says just under a day into her first gmail account).

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