Month: November 2005

Skype password changed

hmmm – I got an email this morning stating that they were going to change my skype password in the next 24 hours due to a upgrade of their software. Why they can’t tell me that they have changed it now, instead of me waiting until I can’t log into skype and then changing it myself I don’t know. This also sounds suspiciously like one of the websites was hacked or compromised. I really can’t see any other reason that they would need to change passwords for so many people. There is more information at SkypeJournal and it seems like a lot of people share my concerns AND have trouble trying to get the password changed.
The funny thing is that they try to convince you that this is not a hoax by saying that there is a copy of the email on the website…Now if I was a scammer with a website such as it wouldn’t be difficult to host a copy of a phishing email that I am sending out to all my target customers would it?

Deleting delegate access from outlook

Finally succeeded in deleting a delegate from outlook. As per this post where the delegate remained in the permission lists I had another user who had the same disabled person as a delegate and I was unable to remove the deleted person. Seeing as though the kind of people who have delegates are managers (in this case the head of the company) I really didn’t want to mess around with deleting the mailbox and recreating it.
However, it turns out that by re-enabling the disabled user, creating a mailbox for this user, logging into outlook as the person with the problem meant I could then delete the delegate for good. Then it was delete the mailbox and the user again.
Update See HelloMate for a script that will list who has delegate access in AD. By using this, I should be able to modify our disable user procedure.


windirstat is a great utility to work out how much disk space each folder/file is using. When you get down to the file level it will show you in a graphical format as the larger the file, the larger the colour block on display. Using this utility it was very easy to find out where the 12gb of disk space had suddenly gone on a server – it quickly showed me that a particular user had a large docs & settings and within that was the desktop and on the desktop were 2 6gb .tmp files!

Coppermine 1.4.2

Coppermine 1.4.2 is out now so I spent most of Thanksgiving Morning playing with it. There was a bug in the keyword search facility which I worked around and coded a method of sizing keywords depending on how many times they occur in the database ala flickr. I posted about my new search page in the forums and have posted the code for someone else to tidy up and improve as I’m not a good mysql php coppermine programmer. I’m pleased with the results though.