Automated WordPress backup

Lifehut has a good post on how to enable the automatic backup of WordPress to an email system such as google. Worked great although I couldn’t use the form of [email protected] as the mail server that wordpress runs on does not allow + in the email address as strictly speaking its not rfc compliant. Yahoo groups also has this problem in that you can sign up for a mailing list with a + in the address but not use that address in their web interface.

WordPress 1.5.2 is out

WordPress 1.5.2 is out and includes an important fix to an important security bug. If you don’t upgrade then make sure you follow the instructions at the support site for a temporary fix until you do an upgrade (which I’ll do on my other site on Monday)
Update My test site is now upgraded (I forgot to disable the blacklist plugin first though (again)). I just have to do the installation on my uniform server too, but as that is not available on the internet there is no rush.

wpblacklist permission problem

Tried to install the wpblacklist plugin this afternoon but have run into several problems, probably due to the security setup on the server. It initially wouldn’t install as WPblacklist-install.php didn’t have permissions set to 644. After the installation ran through, I had to change the permissions in wp-admin to wpblacklist, wpblmoderate and wpblsearch.php files to 644 then it all seemed to work.

WordPress banner image maker

I’ll try not to turn this blog into a WordPress blog (especially as it is on MT) but I will be blogging some of the tools, hints and pages related to WordPress in the near future whilst I play with it.
A useful tool for creating a banner to go with the default kubrick scheme, is Red Alt – Kubrickr which takes an image from flickr and resizes and “corners” the picture ready to replace the default blue square.
Its a basic tool, but with a good choice of photos and colours the final result is pretty good.