comment tracking.

I signed up for a beta invite to cocomment this morning and got an invite code a couple of hours later. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in MovableType (yet) but it does work in WordPress and blogger. I’ll start using this to track most of my blog posts on the web when possible. I did find that the default installation of redirectremover extension screwed up the bookmarklet (and also screwed up my bookmarklet too) so disabling that made it all work properly.

Free Blogger

Loads of people have blogged about blogger going free, but if you read the announcement , the feature that a lot of people are raving about, RSS, is not listed as one of the features now available in the free version after all they need some features to get some income! Being rather cynical I wonder if this is an attempt to stop the flow of people moving from blogger to MovableType (or other blogging tools) as opposed to the “hey we have enough money now we are owned by Google and we’re also good guys too” spin.

Blogger Publishing

PcJunky had problems publishing with blogger with an error message that said “Current Status: There Were Errors in Publishing.002 There are no current posts to publish. You might be trying to publish a post set to a date later than right now.”
What it should have said is “your template has been deleted – i’m afraid you’ll have to add it again – hope you have a backup!”