office prompting for ZF561402.CAB

One of the laptops was prompting for ZF561402.CAB whenever one of the office apps was opened. The only thing that had changed was some sort of installation of frontpage2000 (for some unknown reason).
We were getting prompted for the office2003 cd, but when you put the disk in the drive it would still ask for the cd. Eventually solved it by putting a different copy of office2003 in the drive. Not sure what the difference is, but I know that the original cd used is the volume licence copy, yet I don’t think the cd required was the volume licence key one.

Opening this will run the following SQL command

I tried to open one of our mailmerge documents that I wrote some time ago in Word2003 and got the message “Opening This Will Run the Following SQL Command”. This is to prevent you sending data to a malicious user when opening a word macro and can be disabled by following the instructions in KB article 825765. What this doesn’t explain is why my line

.Destination = wdSendToNewDocument

now comes back with a message “Run-time error 5852 Requested Object is not available”. With Word2000 it comes up with a different error message, but on the same line.
Update It turns out this problem is caused by opening the document in word2003, changing a telephone number and then saving it again. I guess that whatever VBA is in office2003 doesn’t like wdSendToNewDocument (or .Destination)
Update2 The fix is to create the registry entry as documented in Microsoft’s KB 825765 and then edit the document. Thanks to the newsgroup posting>/a> which gave me the solution. No idea why the popup message should disable some word macro, but by putting that value in it worked!

Office 2003 is back

I got the pukka version of office2003 today and installed it on the laptop and the desktop so I’m now a happy bunny again and I can read my emails with a decent preview and not download any spam pictures. The interesting thing in the EULA (which I bothered to read) actually says that I can install the software on my main pc AND on another portable device as long as I am the sole user of that device. Which is great as it means I can install on the desktop and the laptop and only need one licence for it. This EULA could actually make it cheaper for some companies to upgrade to this version of office as they could potentially only need half the number of licences that previous versions needed – if of course the company is indulgent enough to give everyone a desktop and a laptop.
I downloaded the office updates and was suprised to see only one spam filter update – I guess that the second filter update that came out a while ago is actually a culmalative one.
Speaking of patches – I’ve started to install the new Microsoft patches that came out yesterday and so far have not had any problems.

Office2k3 on laptop

I installed a trial version of Office 2003 that runs out Feb 29th 2004. Will be interesting to see if I’m totally hooked on Outlook2k3 by then. First impressions are that it looks good. However I’ve vpn’ed into the office and connecting to outlook remotely 2 mins after activating the software online. The annoying thing is that I get a systray popup message saying that its trying to get email from my mailserver. I’m sure (i hope) that I can turn this off after all when you hit the “connect” button it does normally mean that you want to get email from the server so why tell you? Like I say this is posted a couple minutes after installation and I’ve not read any documentation, manuals, help files or menus – I’m a techie remember!