Month: December 2004


I’m sitting outside panera in the mall whilst Kristen goes into one of them lady shops :-; Kaufmann’s were having a nice sale so I’ve got some levi’s for $27 – well cheap compared to uk prices. Also got some cargo trousers and shoes so I don’t feel like “little orphan annie”

office prompting for ZF561402.CAB

One of the laptops was prompting for ZF561402.CAB whenever one of the office apps was opened. The only thing that had changed was some sort of installation of frontpage2000 (for some unknown reason).
We were getting prompted for the office2003 cd, but when you put the disk in the drive it would still ask for the cd. Eventually solved it by putting a different copy of office2003 in the drive. Not sure what the difference is, but I know that the original cd used is the volume licence copy, yet I don’t think the cd required was the volume licence key one.

Walk this way – not quite done “this way”

I was listening to Radio2 in the afternoon on thursday whilst working from home and heard a bluegrass version of run dmc’s “Walk This Way” which was really funny. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the bands name. This morning I mentioned it to Kristen and she said they were called Hayseed Dixie. A quick search on google didn’t initially come up with any downloads for the song, but I did come across a (couple of) live recordings of their concerts so I’m downloading Hayseed Dixie in concert at Columbus, OH, recorded in April ’04
Update – it definitely was Hayseed Dixie