Microsoft Outlook 2003 desktop icon

I wondered why the installation of Office2k3 didn’t install icons on the desktop, especially with outlook, but apparently it’s because this goes against Windows XP Certification. Adding a desktop icon can be done by adding a key to the registry. Thanks to Outlook-Tips mailing list

1. Open the Registry Editor. Navigate to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace
2. Click Edit | Add Key and add the following key:
3. Quit the Registry Editor. Refresh the desktop to see the restored icon.


  1. Kaan


    Thanks for this great tip. It was so boring to see that the icon disappeared after upgrading to Office2K3.

    You tell that this goes against WinXP Certification. What is the relationship between the certification and the outlook icon?

    Can you give some more detail?

  2. AxE

    Try changing the default value under {00020D75-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} to 3. The change of the default value stopped the errors here on the few machines running Outlook 2003.

    Feedback is appreciated as I do not want to continnue sending this to anyone else if it does not seem to globally work.

  3. Clayton Galloway

    I have tried changing the default value under {00020D75-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} to 3, but I still receive explorer errors. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any other suggested resolutions?

  4. Onex

    Make sure when you add the key that there are no spaces after …..46}. I had one space after the name and even after changing the default key to 3 it still had errors. I than went in and renamed the key making sure there were no spaces and it eliminated the errors.

    Why doesn’t microsoft post anything on their website about this. This is ridiculous.

  5. Ernan Juliano

    I have done this, but Explorer still crashes when I right-click. There are no spaces after ….46 in my registry entry, and I have already set the default to 3. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

  6. Tys

    So, a friend’s computer has 00020D75-0000-0000-C000-000000000046

    as the ‘name’ of the Outlook icon. when you right click to rename it, the file type changes and isn’t recognized. My friend doesn’t know how this happened. How can we change this back?

  7. JC

    Worked perfect. Does anyone know how to make that simple change a file so I can email it to people and they can just double click and its already done?

  8. Peter

    Just used your outlook2k3.reg file and it worked beautifully. I’m running XP pro SP2 on a new Fujitsu laptop. Thanks a million.

  9. Barrett

    I have previously had problems with the infamous outlook desktop icon. And I upgraded from office xp to office 2k3 and the icon disappeared. I ran the the .reg file I have previously had (the same entry as the one on this page) and it restored the icon, but it the icon was blank because all of the registry entries were still pointing to the old icon in the directory office10 instead of office11. So i went through the registry and fixed all of the entries individually. Here is a the data from my reg file that you can copy and paste into yours

    —Beginning of File—

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Microsoft Outlook\DefaultIcon]





    — End of File —

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