Month: September 2006

OSU vs Penn State game

I had a busy day yesterday as work was hosting a tailgating party for the Ohio State vs Penn State game. I was also able to attend the game afterwards due to a friend getting me tickets. We had excellent seats near the “touchline” (as I called it) but quite a way up in the C section. I was a bit nervous about taking photos as although the OSU website states that cameras are allowed (as long as they are not video or with detachable lenses), the signs above all the entrances say no camera’s allowed – OSU really need to come up with nonconflicting guidelines about what you can or cannot take into the game.
I was able to get some photos at the beginning of the game and of the marching band, but as it started to chuck it down with rain I put the camera away and enjoyed the game. The first half was fairly boring with little action, but the second half, especially at the end was great with three touchdown generating interceptions, with the touchdowns right in front of us.
I’m afraid I wasn’t impressed with the band at half time, they really should stick to what they know best, marching and playing – not singing Rolling Stones songs (which I don’t like to start with!) but the rocking guitar formation at the end was really cool.
I didn’t enjoy the drive home though – it took 40 minutes to get from the place I had left the car to the nearby main road – a distance of 1.1 miles. During this fascinating 40 minutes I came to the conclusion that crickets believe in reincarnation and come back as traffic cops, as the noise that traffic cops make as they insanely blow their whistle is very similar and annoying to the sound that crickets make – just a lot louder.

Information Improvisation

Consulting an investment center should be the first step before thinking of a huge investment anywhere. This habit is of particular importance in corporate investment. The insurance companies take considerable notice of any irate behavior in this context. This is why paperwork of any investment property should be updated in every manner possible.

1 year anniversary

Monday was my one year anniversary of working in the United States. A lot of things have happened since then and I now have the fun task of filling out a review. This blog should help me remember what I’ve been up to in the past year, after all there are 40 posts in the work category but only 17 in the past year. There are a lot more things that I’d have liked to have blogged about but due to confidentiality reasons (or that I just want to keep my job!) I’ve not been able to blog about them.

Roadsync provides Direct push capabilities with Windows Mobile 2003

Sync With Microsoft Exchange 2003 & Corporate Outlook Email Via Remote Email Access on Your Smartphone which doesnt have to be running Windows Mobile 5 (but it does need to be Windows Mobile 2003 – which still leaves my original axim out of the loop.)
It is not free (probably $99) but there is a 30 day trial so that you can check it works first.
It looks like it doesn’t support notes either – something the native Exchange Direct Push doesn’t do too.

Universal Extractor.

I could have done with this on Friday when trying to extract an inf file from an exe file for a printer driver – Universal Extractor extracts files from any archive – a great tool to have in the toolkit. This site also has links to peid, a utility which detects packers, cryptors and compilers (600 of them!) and ussf.exe which determines which switches can be used with a setup file. I really need to start keeping an eye on msfn more.

Missing pics with ie – update

I’ve been puzzling over the missing pictures in internet explorer after the post two before this one had the picture missing. In internet explorer on the main page at you will get just an empty space where the google map picture is, but if you click on the space you will get taken to the larger image so it really is there.
If you click through to the monthly archive or individual entry the image shows up fine.
I know the problem is partly to do with the align=”left” attribute on the image – if I remove this, then the image appears again properly. I know that this should really be styled with css, so I put the float=”left” on the image and the image disappears again. If you add the “position=relative” to the css then the image appears again and the text wraps around correctly but if the page is wide the graphic overflows out of the background image and spoils the effect.

There are several posts on the internet that I’ve found describing my problem but I couldn’t find a solution.1 2 3

The following posts were made from a sample posting to demonstrate the problem (I chose a garish yellow background to make it easier to see where everything is). As all these screenshots are hosted on zooomr and I’ve used the blog picture functionality, which includes styling on each picture posting, these images look ok in this posting but the styling is a pain to type in for each picture and not exactly easy to remember either.
The original posting with an empty picture.

Set float=left or align=left and the image disappears

The same posting viewed in firefox – looks great

Looks great in Firefox (narrow screen)

and in firefox again, extra wide – the image stays within the background box.

Looks great in Firefox with a wide screen the post just expands

Remove the float left and the picture appears in internet explorer

The hammock picture is in the wrong place.

But if I set float=left within css the image disappears again.
Add position=”relative” and the image reappears again and looks great

Set position=

Until I change the width of the browser and then the image bleeds outside of the box.

Image bleeds over the containing box.