Firefox 1.0.6

Firefox 1.0.6 is now out to fix the problem with broken extensions. Unfortunately it breaks roboform’s extension even more as they added version checking into their latest patch so it can’t be used in 1.0.6. I’m still having problems with this extension – I thought I had narrowed the problem down to a mailto link in a form but it also crashed on me this morning when adding some more urls to the MT blacklist. It didn’t like me selecting some text with the mouse, but when I repeated the action after it had relaunched it was ok.

greasemonkey security hole

Apparently there is a major security hole that allows any website to view the contents of any file on your harddisk if you have greasemonkey installed (see greasemoney mailing list post for information. I can’t reproduce the problem with their proof of concept code, but its a pretty scary possibility. Annoyingly, turning off greasemonkey will reduce the functionality on my flickr/geocaching pages 🙁 Thanks to Pip for the tipoff

Firefox and roboform still crashes :-(

Got back home today and downloaded the new firefox extension for roboform and it still crashes the browser 🙁
More on this weekend when I get home (Just checking some internet pages from the library and had to post this as a reminder to myself)
(Sheila – a fox thingy is a web browser like internet explorer but much better – nag Dave to install it on your computer.)

Firefox 1.0.5 crashes with roboform

If you use roboform with firefox 1.0.5 you may find it crashes about 3 seconds after a web page is loaded. I’ve therefore gone back to 1.0.4 whilst I do some more digging. I’ve sent the reports off to roboform and microsoft, can’t do the mozilla ones as the talkback agent still doesn’t work.
Update I reinstalled 1.0.4 and then installed the roboform extension (I was previously using the .exe file addin. Then upgraded to 1.0.5 and boom – the browser crashed after a couple of secs. THEN the whole computer blue screened…this was not good. After a reboot I uninstalleded the roboform extension and everything is hunkydory again. Hope they fix this quick as I’ve come to rely on this extension.

Image uploading again.

I can now upload images in firefox again. (see this post for when it failed).
I ran firefox in safe mode using firefox -safe-mode and I was able to upload an image to flickr ok. This meant that the problem was a conflicting/corrupt/flakey extension. I went through my list of extensions and deleted some that were duplicate in other extensions and tidied up the ones I no longer needed. I removed informeter, livelines,tab clicking options, undoclosetab, sitebar and evernote extensions and the problem went away. I reinstalled sitebar and evernote (as I use these) and the browser doesn’t crash.

Firefox crashes after image upload

Grrr – firefox crashes after I’ve uploaded a file to a website. Happens on, this blog and on Microsoft’s site uploading a bug report. Very annoying as the whole browser crashes 🙁 Not sure what has caused this, probably some faulty extension or something. (It happens when the page you get after uploading a file is displayed). I’ve sent several reports back to Microsoft and the mozilla group, but the latter is annoying as most of the time the bug reporting application seems to freeze too 🙁

Firefox gives no disk in drive error message

Ever since yesterday, Firefox was giving me the message “There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk in ‘\Device\Harddisk1\DR6′” (see pic) whenever I tried to save a file in firefox (or in some cases open a file from the downloaded files dialog box.
I think this started when I removed my SD card from the card reader whilst Windows was still trying to write to it (oops!) as it complained (despite having done it a couple of secs after the app I was using (explorer) had updated its screen AND write caching is disabled on the drive)
A reboot of the box didn’t fix the problem and a search in google had lots of people with similar error messages but from different applications but no fix. However I found that by inserting the card back into the card reader and then using the stop hardware function in the notification area the problem, so far, seems to have gone away.