Disabling firefox auto form filling

Anyone know how to get firefox to NOT auto remember fields in a form on certain (banking) web sites? My new bank which is an online account remembers my account number in the form which I really do not want to have kept in the browser. I know I can turn the autoremember form details off, but thats a global function which I really do not want to do.

Firefox 1.07 crashing on startup.

I’m not sure why yet, but two machines that I have installed firefox 1.07 on are crashing on startup. I’m figuring it is an imcompatible extension as it seems stable until the extensions are loaded. A new profile fixes things but it is rather annoying. I’ve lots of extensions so it is taking a long time to test them, especially as you have to restart firefox each time you change an extension 🙁

Firefox 1.07 installation.

As I’m sure many bloggers have posted, firefox 1.07 is out and is a security fix. (I’ve not read many blogs yet and I’m about 3 days behind). However as Steve pointed out they ask you to install into a new directory. I thought they had fixed this kind of hassle around the version 0.9 days. Out of interest I did an inplace upgrade and its behaved ok and removed the 1.06 (that I installed yesterday) onto the machine – or at least as far as add remove software from control panel it did remove it cleanly. Shockwave and flash installers offered to install into the 1.06 installation too so something is not quite right.

Error 403 when using firefox and Visual Web Developer Beta 2.

I tried my first web page in .net using the visual web developer beta 2 (why am I a sucker for trying out beta software?) and it didn’t work – returning an error message http error 403 Forbidden. Oddly enough, if I opened the same page in Internet explorer it worked ok. From my experience with IIS I knew this was something to do with NTLM authentication but trying to find out where this was configured was rather bewildering. In the end, the post on the microsoft forums gives the answer – “Select the Solution Explorer view, and right click the very first element of the tree (the project itself). Choose property pages and select Start Options. On the Server section, clear the NTLM checkbox and save the configuration and it now works in firefox. MS’s official response is that this is by design to ensure websites are secure. Personally I just wonder how many websites on the internet insist on using NTLM authentication…..not many I guess so I’m afraid this excuse doesn’t ring true to me.
As a side note, I can’t see how you are meant to permalink to the individual post in the forum – there doesn’t seem to be any visible anchors to use. I had to use the WebDevelopers Extension to display the anchors. I’ve logged a bug in the forums on this point too.

Browser Tip of the Day: Pasting wrapped URLs in Firefox

Tip of the Day: Pasting wrapped URLs in Firefox
This must be on everybody’s pet peeve list: Somebody e-mails you a URL, but it’s long (it seems they all are these days) and wraps in your e-mail client, so when you click to open it you only get the first line, which is completely useless. In 2005, you’d think that most e-mail clients would be smart enough to get this right, but many of them don’t. For Firefox users, thankfully, there’s a fix on the browser side, but for some reason it’s not enabled by default nor available on any screen in Preferences. As the power users reading have probably already guessed, it’s in about:config.
The trick is this: type about:config into your address back and hit enter. After boggling at all the arcane options now available to you, find editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines (use the Filter box at the top to skip to it quickly). Double-click on it and change the value to 3. That’s it!
[via Download Squad (Windows)]

Firefox optimisation tips. – Firefox 1.0 Tips and Tricks has some good tips on optimising and stopping some new popups.
The only thing that I would change on the user.js file is set the privacy popups to 1 instead of 2 (so they are treated the same way normal popups are) and also add the line
to the file – this stops windows from being resized.
I’ve not actually come across any flash based pop windows yet so I’m not really sure if I’d want it set to 1 or 2 but as 2 denies all popups, there might be a case where I want a popup to occur and this would block it.