Firefox crashes after image upload

Grrr – firefox crashes after I’ve uploaded a file to a website. Happens on, this blog and on Microsoft’s site uploading a bug report. Very annoying as the whole browser crashes 🙁 Not sure what has caused this, probably some faulty extension or something. (It happens when the page you get after uploading a file is displayed). I’ve sent several reports back to Microsoft and the mozilla group, but the latter is annoying as most of the time the bug reporting application seems to freeze too 🙁

Firebird renamed again?

I fired up my Firebird browser this morning and the homepage was talking about Firefox 0.8. Looks like it’s gone from Phoenix to firebird to firebox. Wish they would make up their mind. I wouldn’t have thought this would help matters as its going to make some users confused and also dilutes the brandname if it keeps getting changed.

Firebird install

Yesterday was the time to install the next build of Firebird as it was nagging me that I was 4 weeks old. So I downloaded the nightly build and was pleasantly suprised to see that my Pop3 webadmin interface no longer prompts me for a username and password for every item on the page, ditto for my adsl router. Very pleased! The tabbrowser extension needed to be updated as it kept complaining and I also upgraded linky too.