Firefox 1.0.5 crashes with roboform

If you use roboform with firefox 1.0.5 you may find it crashes about 3 seconds after a web page is loaded. I’ve therefore gone back to 1.0.4 whilst I do some more digging. I’ve sent the reports off to roboform and microsoft, can’t do the mozilla ones as the talkback agent still doesn’t work.
Update I reinstalled 1.0.4 and then installed the roboform extension (I was previously using the .exe file addin. Then upgraded to 1.0.5 and boom – the browser crashed after a couple of secs. THEN the whole computer blue screened…this was not good. After a reboot I uninstalleded the roboform extension and everything is hunkydory again. Hope they fix this quick as I’ve come to rely on this extension.