I went to see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy yesterday afternoon at the dollar theatre. Earlier in the morning we were watching a film which had a really bad trailer for the film which made it look really bad. It didn’t put me off though and I enjoyed the film. Pretty funny in places (I liked the ideas scene) but the seats in theatre made the film seem a lot longer than it was. The film was sufficiently different to the original to still make it interesting and worth watching.

Blingo – search and win?

Blingo is a new (to me) search engine that gives you the opportunity to win prizes when you use it to search for stuff. They only count your first 10 searches per day (so I guess you could go back to google after 10 searches) and apparently you could win all sorts of prizes. Angela won a free movie ticket but didn’t give her referral code so feel free to use mine instead 🙂


Speaking of movies, we went to see The Interpreter last night at the dollar theatre. As it was Tuesday, we got in for 50cents each – thats about 80p in UK money (as opposed to the 1350p it would have cost us in the uk). The seats were the old style cinema seating – no stadium seats or high backs but not bad. It was the first time I’d ever sat in the back row of a cinema but no hankypanky. The film itself wasn’t bad – it did go on a bit and it was quite different than I expected. I felt the plot was pretty predictable (which spoils a thriller) but there were still some unexpected moments – I must confess to jumping in my seat when the first gunshot went off. The gruesomest (is that a real word?) scene in the movie was when a bus was blown up – this is too close to the timing of the London bus bomb for comfort really – that scene really hit home and judging from the audiences reaction, it hit others too.
Not a bad movie, but one I’d recommend you see from the comfort of your own home on dvd on a nice sofa.

Mr and Mrs Smith

No, not a film about two of our friends, but a very funny film about two assassins, married to each other, who are eventually sent to kill each other. A very funny film, loads of action (including a car chase) and eye candy in the form of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt so everyone is happy. Well worth watching – Kristen wants to go see it again already!

Ah Yes, the old insomniac movie watching ploy

“It’s 6am, its chucking it down with rain – lets watch a movie” This was Kristen’s opening quote when she came downstairs (after the “what are you doing up?”) this morning. I woke up about 5am, couldn’t get back to sleep so got up and started reading my rss feeds – something I’ve not done for a couple of days so have loads to catch up on. Kristen woke up at 5.45 by the birdies singing in the window and is seriously thinking about training Winston to catch them 🙂
So we’re now watching The Pink panther Strikes Again.


We went to see Robots tonight at the cinema. It was an excellent film and the funniest one we’ve seen for ages. There were not too many people in the theatre – I think we were the only two adults without accompanying kids. As the ads were showing before the film, Sky had a series of ad’s where the tagline was “What do you want to watch?” – to which came the reply, “I want to watch Robots!” A short while later the voice said “when is Robots coming?” – brilliant timing as at that moment the film certificate appeared on screen.
Watch out for the “extra’s that go on in the background but don’t bother waiting for the outtakes at the end as there aren’t any -the only downside of the film. The british have their own dubbed version with Eamon Holmes doing one of the voices – I guess he got jealous of Fiona after Sharks Tale.

Fridays trip to Birmingham

Friday I took the day off for my birthday and we met up with Tash & Dave (non-bloggers) to go to Birmingham’s BullRing shopping centre and then to Outback for tea. The bullring was an interesting shopping centre – not the usual meadowhell/trafford centre type layout of shops and the outer design is definately funky in the extreme. I was not impressed at the parking fee’s though – it is VERY expensive to park in the middle of birmingham – we paid over £5 for 3 hours parking. I managed to get one geocache done, A bit of ….. which is a bit of a cheat really as it was a virtual and needed a photo taken of a bull statue. After lunch we went to see Hitch which was very good and funny (although the funniest bits were shown in the trailers for the film. We went to an AMC cinema and that was suprisingly cheap, £3 for the matinee performance and £5 for shows after 6pm. The local Vue cinema near us charges £6 and you have to pay about £3 for parking so a night out at the cinema works out pretty expensive (which is why we go on Orange Wednesday’s instead). Photo’s uploaded to my flickr page.


We went to see The Incredibles tonight. Kristen purchased her ticket and I got in free as I was doing a cinecheck. The film was excellent – very well drawn, funny and a good plot line too. The only down side is that there wasn’t any funny bits/blooper reel at the end of the credits, much to the disappointment of the 30 or so of us who had stayed to watch all of the credits.

Brother Bear

Kristen has just watched Brother Bear on dvd. I spent the entire time catching up on my rss feeds. After she finished the film, she realised that the canadian moose provide a commentary for the film which we are now watching/listening to. It’s really funny and the best thing is that I don’t need to watch the screen – I can just listen to it.