Pirates of the Caribbean

We went to see this film last night which was hilarious. A great film with good special effects which don’t really on really blurred, fast motion, long distance shots so that noone realises that the picture you are seeing at the moment is computer generated. There are a lot of funny lines from Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Yet again I spotted a boob in the film (not that kind!!!! – there are a couple of shots where you can see the heroines bra strap yet they were not invented until way after 1900!)

Johnny English DVD.

We got the DVD of Johnny English yesterday as we really enjoyed watching the film at the cinema. We’ve not had chance to watch it yet, but I popped it in the DVD drive of the laptop this morning just to see what was on it. The screensaver(s) were naff – I thought they could have done a lot better than the two that are on there. There are 6 wallpapers which are not that good pictures. The one of Natalie Imbruglia is not good at all! It looks like they’ve grabbed hold of her head and pulled upwards stretching her neck by several inches.
I did get a good score on the “pretend to be a secret agent game”, which had three flash games strung together in a sequence – a shoot the targets, drive a car, and land on the building game – I think this had the most amount of work spent on it.