Fridays trip to Birmingham

Friday I took the day off for my birthday and we met up with Tash & Dave (non-bloggers) to go to Birmingham’s BullRing shopping centre and then to Outback for tea. The bullring was an interesting shopping centre – not the usual meadowhell/trafford centre type layout of shops and the outer design is definately funky in the extreme. I was not impressed at the parking fee’s though – it is VERY expensive to park in the middle of birmingham – we paid over £5 for 3 hours parking. I managed to get one geocache done, A bit of ….. which is a bit of a cheat really as it was a virtual and needed a photo taken of a bull statue. After lunch we went to see Hitch which was very good and funny (although the funniest bits were shown in the trailers for the film. We went to an AMC cinema and that was suprisingly cheap, £3 for the matinee performance and £5 for shows after 6pm. The local Vue cinema near us charges £6 and you have to pay about £3 for parking so a night out at the cinema works out pretty expensive (which is why we go on Orange Wednesday’s instead). Photo’s uploaded to my flickr page.