Blingo – search and win?

Blingo is a new (to me) search engine that gives you the opportunity to win prizes when you use it to search for stuff. They only count your first 10 searches per day (so I guess you could go back to google after 10 searches) and apparently you could win all sorts of prizes. Angela won a free movie ticket but didn’t give her referral code so feel free to use mine instead 🙂


Speaking of movies, we went to see The Interpreter last night at the dollar theatre. As it was Tuesday, we got in for 50cents each – thats about 80p in UK money (as opposed to the 1350p it would have cost us in the uk). The seats were the old style cinema seating – no stadium seats or high backs but not bad. It was the first time I’d ever sat in the back row of a cinema but no hankypanky. The film itself wasn’t bad – it did go on a bit and it was quite different than I expected. I felt the plot was pretty predictable (which spoils a thriller) but there were still some unexpected moments – I must confess to jumping in my seat when the first gunshot went off. The gruesomest (is that a real word?) scene in the movie was when a bus was blown up – this is too close to the timing of the London bus bomb for comfort really – that scene really hit home and judging from the audiences reaction, it hit others too.
Not a bad movie, but one I’d recommend you see from the comfort of your own home on dvd on a nice sofa.