Free Blogger

Loads of people have blogged about blogger going free, but if you read the announcement , the feature that a lot of people are raving about, RSS, is not listed as one of the features now available in the free version after all they need some features to get some income! Being rather cynical I wonder if this is an attempt to stop the flow of people moving from blogger to MovableType (or other blogging tools) as opposed to the “hey we have enough money now we are owned by Google and we’re also good guys too” spin.


  1. Mike

    According to the news article someone from Blogger was quoted as saying the RSS isn’t available yet in the free version, but will be soon. How soon will that turn out to be? I don’t know. And yeah it probably is a marketing move, but it’s a good one. Personally I think it wasn’t necessarily to stop anyone from moving as much as it was to bring in new people by having similar features available.

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