feedster registration and database design is broken

Now feedster is really starting to annoy me as their whole username/password/email account system is broken.
When you sign up for a username and password at feedster you also give an email address. However, you can have multiple accounts with the same email address in the database (as I’ve just proved by logging in with a new accountname and the same email address that is already valid on their database). However, if you have forgotten the password for an account and request a new password, the new password is unlikely to be for the original account that you signed up with – therefore you can never log in with this original account.
However, if you then login as a new account (my third account now) and try to claim the feed it originally says that the feed is not in the database and it needs to be added and then when you click on the add this feed to the database you get “string(73) “Duplicate entry ‘http://feeds.feedburner.com/absoblogginlutely’ for key 1″” followed by “Thank you for letting us know about this feed. We’ll index it on our next pass (generally within the next 1 to 3 hours)!” So we now have the situation where user account names do not match up with email address’s and the passwords AND there may, or there may not be more than one unique urls in the database.
I actually caught the aim account online last week and asked if they could have a look at it and they said they would later in the day but it still doesn’t work – very frustrating.
Update After posting this I go down to the pc where I was originally working and see an IM giving me a working username/password – so thanks to feedster2003 on IM – now I just need to delete the spurious accounts 🙂
Update2 Now that I’m in, I can’t change my password – I’m guessing it is because it goes something like this….. update password=”new password” where username=username and oldpassword=oldpassword and emailaddress=emailaddress and I bet one of those is wrong….