Windows Update


Not having that much internet access and the time to blog, I’ve quickly gone through my feeds and pulled a couple of things out of them

  • A WUS Wiki which sounds like a bad day for Jonathan Ross, but is actually a wiki for the new Windows Update Services.
  • Links to video’s of the Tsunami. This hit whilst we were on holiday and I never got to see any moving pictures of the wave itself – saw plenty of horrific news photos of the devastation afterwards though.
  • I removed Norton AntiVirus off the home computer as the subscription had run out and I’m not impressed with the number of infections that have gotten past it this year. Instead I’ve tried the free home edition of Avast’s Antivir software which looks ok. It certainly picked up on eicar when I downloaded it – will be interesting to see how it copes with email borne virus’s

Windows Update v5

After the tipoff from Adam that version 5 of windows update is available I thought I’d take a look.
I’m not impressed so far. Its taken a long time to download the various activex components and then if you make the mistake of clicking the menu’s apart from Install Updates, then the only way back is to use the back button – the install updates is greyed out.
The “hide this update” is a big improvement on the old version though as it was a nightmare remembering the patch number for the journal viewer option that wasn’t needed and choosing the option to not use it in the version 4 side of things.
Another plus is that it came up with the same number of patches that version 4 had.
The dialog box is a little different, and clearer to read too.


Microsoft sent me an email the other day saying that their Software Update Services beta program has been delayed and the *plan* won’t be finalized until January 2004. So goodness knows when it’s actually going to commence. At least this way they won’t need to worry about supporting Win98 (which they didn’t in the previous version either – but now they have a REAL excuse not to)