Windows 2000

ntbackup selections changed

One of our servers suddenly stopped doing its backup properly. When I watch the (scheduled) backup routine running the selection that it backs up is not the selection that is listed in the .bks file. I’m not sure what it *is* backing up as the (full) log file doesn’t tell me the details and the gui interface is not available for me to poke around on when the job is scheduled. Turns out that the @ in front of the backup selection (as per Microsoft’s XP backup article) did the trick. Why I should need one in Windows2000, when it’s not documented anywhere else that I can see, I don’t know. I’m just glad the backups are all working again in time for the Christmas break. Our mail server was also refusing to backup, but this was because there was more data on the disk than would fit on the tape drives. Swine consultants keep backing up their hard disks using ghost or even just an xcopy onto the server and taking it over the tape drive capacity.
No flames telling me to use BackupExec or any other third party software please, unless you are going to give me a cheque to buy the third party software at the same time.

Autoreboot solution hints

I think I’m getting a bit closer in my hunt to work out why the computer seems to spontaneously combustreboot when I am doing certain things. A lot of the time it seems random but there are certain things I do that make it reboot. Viewing a certain gif file in a certain package, or going to in Phoenix. The quick answer of course is to stop doing those things. However I logged on as a new user on the w2k box, went to the merzo site and it didn’t reboot. Therefore I think its a corrupt w2k profile that is causing problems. I tried creating a new Phoenix profile in the normal w2k profile but this didn’t solve the problem. Incidentally the Merzo website has some pretty cool artwork on it and when you move the mouse over the pictures something happens.

Motherboard cache

I’m really struggling to do an inplace upgrade of nt4 to windows2000 (and there *are* good reasons for doing an inplace upgrade as opposed to a clean install) and one of the suggestions to get around a bsod when it boots is to disable the cache on the motherboard. When I did that and booted into nt4, just clicking start and then run took 12 seconds to fire up the run dialog box. As you can imagine the rest of the process is painfully slow which means its going to take even longer to do the upgrade. The difference in speed when you have no cache on the processor is pretty amazing (although I guess I could have cheated by interrupting the reboot process of the upgrade to disable the cache at this point in time instead of at the beginning of the upgrade)


Anyone have any ideas why my w2k machine would just suddenly reboot itself to the bios screen and start backup again? It doesn’t seem to be a windows crash as I’d expect a blue screen if that was the case. Sometimes it will do it at random, but other times its reproducable. I downloaded a gif file this morning and everytime I loaded it into a certain application it would reboot. However loading into paintshoppro, saving as a jpg it was fine. Resizing the itunes app to fit the width of my screen (they don’t have a maximize button strangely) caused it to reboot.
Booting to recovery console and chkdsk of all drives initially said they were ok, but then I did a chkdsk c: /p which forces it to do a chkdsk and it found some errors, so then it was a chkdsk c: /r to repair. Then i’ll have to do f,g,h,i,j and k….. a long afternoon.