Autoreboot solution hints

I think I’m getting a bit closer in my hunt to work out why the computer seems to spontaneously combustreboot when I am doing certain things. A lot of the time it seems random but there are certain things I do that make it reboot. Viewing a certain gif file in a certain package, or going to in Phoenix. The quick answer of course is to stop doing those things. However I logged on as a new user on the w2k box, went to the merzo site and it didn’t reboot. Therefore I think its a corrupt w2k profile that is causing problems. I tried creating a new Phoenix profile in the normal w2k profile but this didn’t solve the problem. Incidentally the Merzo website has some pretty cool artwork on it and when you move the mouse over the pictures something happens.

One Response to “Autoreboot solution hints”

  1. dianna says:

    Yuck! I hope you can figure that one out before you throw your machine out the window hehe. Hey I saw your comments in Mike McBride’s blog and came to check yours out – very cool!
    BTW I’m running Mandrake – interesting bit of news about the drive firmware being over written. I haven’t used this version much, just wanted to give it a whirl. I’m digging Knoppix a bunch now but we’ll see what I go to next hehe. Take care! xoxo