Disabling firefox auto form filling

Anyone know how to get firefox to NOT auto remember fields in a form on certain (banking) web sites? My new bank which is an online account remembers my account number in the form which I really do not want to have kept in the browser. I know I can turn the autoremember form details off, but thats a global function which I really do not want to do.


  1. me

    If they had used autocomplete=”off” within the input field this wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe I should add a greasemonkey script for the website.

  2. mike

    If you go to the autocomplete options I’m pretty sure you can delete whatever it already has saved and then once you log in again just say to have never remember for the site. At least, that’s how I recall it working — I’m stuck in IE only for a day or two and can’t check to be certain.

  3. Me

    There isn’t an option for autocomplete options apart from ON or OFF. You can use Shift-Del to delete the saved data but you have to remember to do it after you have logged out the system. That is too sensitive for me.

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