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Different from address’s in outlook

Thanks to MS Exchange Blog : Holiday Reading… I’ve seen an application, ChooseFrom that sits on exchange that looks at the “send replies to” field at emails and sets that address as the FROM address in emails, thus allowing exchange users to send mails from other email address’s. Useful for sending posts to mailing lists when you’ve subscribed the list to a public folder. Unfortunately I doubt our company will fork up the $150 to use it on our mail server 🙁
He also explains why outlook web access asks you to insert the office 2000 cd (like you are going to have THAT handy) – apparently it’s documented in technet articles 257886 and 298110
Oh, and there sounds like an almost ideal job vacancy too.

Outlook 2k3

I put Outlook2k3 on my work desktop machine the other day whilst the laptop is in for repair. So far I’m not as impressed with it as I am on the laptop. The laptop runs at a screen resolution of 1600*something and the desktop runs at 1024* (because its not clear or big enough to run at a better resolution. As I run a dual monitor on this machine, the second monitor is slightly further away on the desk so needs to be at a higher resolution so I can see it clearly.) Unfortunately this means that there isn’t really enough room for the tri-pane view in outlook with the reading pane on the right hand side instead of underneath. Also the middle column gets squished up so not as much useful information gets displayed. Functionality is exactly the same on the machines, just usability is not as good at a lower resolution…..I dread to think what it would be like on the users who insist on running at 800*600!

Outlook2k with Outlook2k3?

Brought the Outlook2k3 laptop into the office to synch all the changes I’d made whilst out of the office this week. Interesting to see that Outlook 2k3 doesn’t show the email marked as spam (as I deleted it whilst offline). However the outlook2k desktop, which looks at the same exchange mailbox still sees the spam in the inbox. o2k3 shows 2 unread emails in the inbox, o2k shows 4. Now either this is because you can’t have two versions accessing the same mailbox (don’t see why not) or due to the fact that when I synch I get a “Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0x80040600) : ‘Unknown Error 0x80040600’. There are loads of articles in google about 0x80040600 most of which talked about corrupted pst files. I cleared out my deleted items, resynched and everything worked and my inbox unread messages match.

Why would anyone search Microsoft? Search me.

Microsoft’s technet website is getting worse and worse. I searched on the technet site for 0x00000050 and it came back with no results found. Search all of Microsoft and it comes back with 4 results plus links to more results (4 of them). NONE of these results brings back article A “Stop 0x00000050” Error Message Occurs During an Upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000. Surely the Indexing service should find results. They can’t disable number searches as most of MS errors will have a number to query against (otherwise whats the point in putting in on the screen in the first place?) If you use the google interface and search for 0x00000050 it returns 1790 results with the first 3 being different microsoft articles all with 0x00000050 in the subject.

Dont remove IIS from an exchange server…

If you remove IIS from an exchange server then you are really going to be in trouble and you will need a reinstall of ii2 and then exchange. A Technet article, 323672, explains what happens when the Exchange Routing Engine Service Does Not Start Automatically or Manually After You Remove IIS and Then Reinstall It which normally happens after you get a Event id 7000 When Attempting to Start Exchange Services (and no it wasn’t me who did this but I did have to recover from it)