Outlook 2k3

I put Outlook2k3 on my work desktop machine the other day whilst the laptop is in for repair. So far I’m not as impressed with it as I am on the laptop. The laptop runs at a screen resolution of 1600*something and the desktop runs at 1024* (because its not clear or big enough to run at a better resolution. As I run a dual monitor on this machine, the second monitor is slightly further away on the desk so needs to be at a higher resolution so I can see it clearly.) Unfortunately this means that there isn’t really enough room for the tri-pane view in outlook with the reading pane on the right hand side instead of underneath. Also the middle column gets squished up so not as much useful information gets displayed. Functionality is exactly the same on the machines, just usability is not as good at a lower resolution…..I dread to think what it would be like on the users who insist on running at 800*600!


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