Month: March 2005


We went to see Robots tonight at the cinema. It was an excellent film and the funniest one we’ve seen for ages. There were not too many people in the theatre – I think we were the only two adults without accompanying kids. As the ads were showing before the film, Sky had a series of ad’s where the tagline was “What do you want to watch?” – to which came the reply, “I want to watch Robots!” A short while later the voice said “when is Robots coming?” – brilliant timing as at that moment the film certificate appeared on screen.
Watch out for the “extra’s that go on in the background but don’t bother waiting for the outtakes at the end as there aren’t any -the only downside of the film. The british have their own dubbed version with Eamon Holmes doing one of the voices – I guess he got jealous of Fiona after Sharks Tale.

shots fired at a concert in the uk

Shots fired during UK rap concert is a pretty scary headline to see in my newsreader and immediately made me think of the situation in columbus where a similar thing happened. However if you read this story, thankfully no-one was hurt as the shots were just fired into the ceiling.
However I then carried on reading and saw that it took place at the Academy in Brixton, London – a club that I went to whilst at university to see Petra perform. I remember people saying that it was a rough place but the comments were in a joking tone.