Month: February 2005 has a new look

Looks like they’ve update the entire site with new colours and everything – my first thought was eek! My second thought was hmmm – wonder what is new.
So far there is a new feature called bookmarks to share a list of caches, and the cache page has the ability to bookmark or ignore listings.
I don’t like the way the pages change the background colour for each page that you visit but I might get used to it…..

symantec updates

2 of our clients have managed to get corrupt symantec antivirus definitions which means the services stop. As the services are stopped I am unable to update them with the console and I’ve disabled liveupdate. Unfortunately the websites are unavailable (and so was msn search) (even though they are using the akamai network to protect against ddos). In the end I used the ftp service at to download the definitions onto the local pc.
Having said all that I spent about an hour trying various things to fix the client but in the end gave up. I’ve now uninstalled the software and moved across to our new corporate mcafee software instead. I’m not saying this is any better (I doubt it) but we’ll see….
As I write this msn search and symantec are now available again.

Windows Update Group Policies

Seeing as though its been a long time since i’ve done much work with Group Policies, it took me a long time to work out why the policy for disabling Windows Updates within IE and the start menu would not work, yet the settings for telling where the client should go to get its updates did work.
Eventually I read a website which tipped me off and is actually obvious when you think about it. I had created an OU and moved computers into it, but I hadn’t added the users to the OU. Therefore only the computer configs were amended but not the users.
Now that I’ve done it correctly, WUS seems to be working pretty well (apart from one machine that thinks it needs to download .net framework 1.0 patches when in actual fact it needs to download 1.1 patches.

hasweb problems

My site is currently hosted with hasweb and I’m trying to report a security flaw on the software installed on the server. unfortunately their main website has been unavailable to access, the forums are unavailable and nothing else on the domain seems to be working. Can anyone else confirm they do not get any web pages? I guess there are some other hasweb customers out there who may also be having problems. I’m getting a bit nervous that the reseller may be going bust – maybe its time to move (I think the hosting is up for renewal but I can’t contact anyone to find out!)