Month: February 2005

Wus install broke group policy – oops!

I installed Windows Update Services on a new server this morning (the old sus server did not have the free disk space or software requirements) and I edited group policy on my laptop to make my machine talk to the new server. However when I then tried to use group policy on the servers I got a “string is too long” when editing the policies. This is a known bug and is fixed by installing an update kb842933 (which needed a reboot)

Name spoofs in non ie browsers

I actually saw this a couple of days ago but didn’t get round to blogging it but it is now possible to spoof urls in non-ie browsers by using special encoding of characters. A lot of us know that &20 is actually a space, but there are a lot of numbers higher up in the thousands that also look like characters and this is partly to do with the problem. The problem is something called idn.
The link i posted above is reporting on the original website that discovered the problem
Update URL fixed and warning removed. (thanks for the comment Jeff)

Kristen’s stylesheet

Well I’ve discovered a weird “feature” in internet explorer where half the time the logo in Cuptealuv only half appears and sometimes it only does the top 10% – but only in ie. The same page in firefox displays just as I want it. The problem is that ie doesn’t have webdeveloper extensions so I can’t turn on the borders around div’s to try and work out what is going wrong. Even in html kit in an offline copy it seems to work in ie in the preview window (which uses ie) but then doesn’t when you view in the browser itself – very frustrating and any clues appreciated. I’ve been using the tips at wordpress guide to get the look and until i had the height of the graphic correct it wouldn’t even appear correctly in preview but now that it does I’m stumped.
Update Well I’ve given up on the css style of doing the header but as it was just a graphic it was “easier” to just load the graphic in place of the header information for the webpage. I say easier as I had to edit the individual templates in MT and add the line in and then rebuild all the entries but it now seems to work. If you are still only getting half a pic or one and a half pics then press refresh.
Neil – thanks for the info, it didn’t help me solve the problem but will be of use for further development, thanks.

site design and trackback closure

I’ve used David Raynes: Closing comments on old entries script to hopefully close trackback on Kristen’s blog and at the same time I have started to play with some css for some learning time before I roll out a new blog/site. She now has a header image and we’ve also changed some colours and fonts although you get the best effect if you have curlz mt font installed. I’ve got to look up how to embed the font into the webpage. I know it is possible but can’t remember how to do it right now.

new fof style

Willy Morin posted his stylesheet for Feed On Feeds, the (web based) rss reader that I use. However his files were uploaded in some weird compression routine so I’ve reloaded them up as a zip file which can be downloaded here.
As I also use the non frames version I edited the css slightly and saved it as fof.css in the fof directory (as well as keeping his download in the frames directory). The edits I made are in the extended entry.