Month: February 2005

Free* voice over ip to call US or UK

I’ve talked about 1899 and 18866 before and I’m even more convinced they are the same company – they even both have “(NEW SERVER)” in the title of their web page. Anyway, 1899 is slightly cheaper than 18866 although you pay more on a per connection basis, 3p as opposed to 1p, but the calls are cheaper – free to US, Canada and UK landlines.
However, 1899 also has Voice Over IP at the same rates so you can actually use it whilst connected to broadband to ring other people in the uk for just 3p on their home number. This would work out cheaper than skype but the same price as using your home number. This does mean that you can use this anywhere in the world and get cheap phone calls though – so in theory I could ring a US phone number from the states, long distance, for 1p……Might even be worth installing this on the parents-in-law pc so they could ring me for 3p.
Incidentally, the funny thing is that you can also ring your home phone number at the same time and caller ID shows it as your home phone number ringing.

Housing market improving?

People keep asking how the move is going. The fact that I’m still here should give them a clue really 🙂 Having said that I think the market is improving as we have had a couple of visitors around to look and yesterday my parents put an offer into a house (not mine unfortunately) that was accepted so they are now looking forward to moving yet again. Hopefully this will be the last time they move though (and the last time I’ll be asked to move loads and loads of large potted plants)