linksys support :-(

apparently all I have to do to fix my linksys problem is open a webpage to and log in as……
I think they didnt read the bit which says that the router returns a connection refused when you try to connect to it with a browser,ftp,smtp,pop3……
However I do have access to another linksys router which i’ll try to install later in the week but I’ve not seen any good reviews on this product at all – stay away from the Linksys WAG54G


  1. Dave M.

    I would suggest staying away from any LinkSys router. I have had two routers die on me in less than a year. I’m now using a NetGear router and it’s been much better.

  2. Ray

    I have just installed 2 WAP54G Linksys Access Points onto my network and they are working great. I have changed the IP Address and the passwords on both of them but labled the SSID the same. Now I can access the Internet and Files as needed. I upgraded to the WAP54G from WAP11 for better security and faster transfer rate. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    Ray Brown
    Geneva, OH

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