Month: January 2005

Looks like logmein is another tool to use for supporting endusers/relations. This is a cutdown citrix like client that gets installed on your supportees pc’s before they need your help but which you can then access over a web connection. You could have multiple pc’s/owners all logging on with your account but then you’d need to share the password so this would only work for remote support for your close relatives or your own machine. Once the software is installed it creates a web connection to their central server and your control is sent down this encrypted connection. It seems to work well, is fast(er than vnc) but doesn’t have enhanced capabilities such as chat/file transfer unless you pay per month for this capability. The one big advantage is that it doesn’t need any ports opening up on a firewall and the end user is prompted when you attempt to control it.

More linksys pants equipment.

Decided I’d have a go at setting up the linksys wag54g. At first glance it all seemed to work on on the lan side (I’ve not yet plugged it into the telephone line) I upgraded the firmware, or tried to. As the upgrade process got to 100% of the bar across the screen, internet explorer then refreshed to a 404. When I closed the browser down and opened it up again it came up with a successful upgrade process. (weird).
Now though, whenever I connect to the lan interface it comes up with “Cannot find server” even though I can ping it.

QiQ hosting.

for £16.99 a year, QiQ are providing 10gb web space, 100GB bandwidth, unlimited ftp accounts, emails, subdomains, mysql databases and ssh access (which is very rare) and also asp (although i suspect this is something like chilisoft). Sounds too good to be true (so probably is) but I must say it is a very tempting offer to get just to play with or even use as a mirror/backup of existing sites and data.
On further investigation, qiq is reselling webspace from heartinternet and qiq’s overview page tells you how the company was formed and is more upfront than other web hosts i’ve used in the past! It also explains why it is advertised and has a post about qiq on the net4nowt page – its run by the same people.

Hackers “only” get 4466 passwords.

According to reuters, security experts apparently got 4466 passwords when they started monitoring an isp’s network (with permission). Now if you ask me, that either means they don’t have a lot of customers or the experts weren’t very good. If you have access to sniff the network on an isp I would have thought you would have got a lot more passwords. After all, pop3 usernames and passwords are sent in clear text and that is what most people would be using to retrieve their email. Just goes to show that you really shouldn’t use the same password for everything that you need to access.

In the presence of the enemy

Just finished In the presence of the enemy by Elizabeth George. This is the first of the Inspector Linley novels that I have read and all because it was one of the books from the library that Kristen got for 10p in their pre-christmas book sale. It’s taken about a week to read in the evenings before bed and it has been a good read. If you like your murder mysteries then you will like this series. Problem is there are loads of books in this series so you’ll either get hooked and have loads to read or you might that the series are very formulistic – I don’t myself but will find out when I read another one.
The funny think about the amazon affiliate link is that the book lists at £6.99, amazon themselves are selling it at £5.59, yet there is one seller who has it on sale, new, for £2.49

Linksys Wireless NIC

I’ve had the misfortune to have to reconfigure an xp machine with a linksys WPC54G pcmcia card and it is awful. Sitting in the lounge it very rarely connects to my netgear wifi hub upstairs. It keeps asking me for the wep key and doesn’t connect even though the signal strength is about 60%. However if I leave it long enough or walk up the stairs, the card kicks in and then I can walk back downstairs again and use wifi ok…..until I need to reboot. As I am doing a reinstall, there are lots of reboots – about 4 for windows updates, Norton Internet Security has needed about 4 (and its still not finished) and I’m sure other software has also needed reboots. Hopefully the performance will be better when the linksys card is partnered with the adsl gateway that has been purchased – I’ll find out later this week (as I have two installs scheduled this week!)