More remote control software

I’ve come across yet more (free) remote control software – this time mywebexpc which has similar functions to the logmein. If you want the pro version then you also get added features with a unique (as far as I know and their blurb tells me) feature where before your pc can be remote controlled, the server dials you on your phone and you enter a pin number into the handset before control is allowed. A neat authentication service but could be annoying in a DOS attack in the middle of the night!
I must admit that I’ve not tried this software yet as I don’t want to open up too many holes to my main pc at home but logmein seems to work ok, even from a dialup phone line and was handy when I needed to control the home pc from a non work pc yesterday (vnc is locked down to only allow connections from certain ip address’s)
Update You even get the pro version for free until the 4th April 2005 after which it is $7.45 per month per pc