Working too hard?

I totally sympathise with this report that mentions that 12 million european workers have asked for a cut in salary or work shorter hours due to the amount of stress they are suffering and the lack of a quality of life in their (permanently shrinking) personal life. Now I wouldn’t have thought people would have been asking for a drop in salary OR shorter hours – I would have thought it would be both. At one point a couple of months back I was seriously considering reducing my hours by 10% by requesting to take every other friday off. That would mean a drop in pay and it would be really hard if I ever needed to go back to working 5 days a week again.


  1. Chris

    Slacker 🙂

    Try working from home from time to time. 8 hours at home can be worth 24+ in the office if your stressed and have 1 task to do.

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