Toshiba boot order

The Toshiba Satellite Pro, 6100 only has a few pre-defined boot order sequences.If I want to have the option to boot from CD but don’t necessarily have a bootable cd in the drive, it will insist on also trying to boot via the lan (which is VERY unlikely to work as I don’t have any boot servers at home or at work so I have to wait for the timeout or press any key. OR I can boot from hard disk all the time and go into the bios if I ever want to boot from cd which is a right pain in the neck. However, the online help says pressing F12 will give me a boot menu (it doesn’t) or pressing C will boot from the CD (it doesn’t). BUT if I press F12 AND C – it boots from CD! And I was meant to work that one out for myself??????Update Actually I’ve found out that pressing the C key until the icons appear and then letting go will boot from CD, likewise pressing F12 until the icons appear and letting go will allow me to navigate through the icons.