Remote install of vnc

Found an excellent site, Darkage – home of FastPush which enables you to roll out winvnc in its various flavours, realvnc, tridiavnc,tightvnc,ultravnc from your local nt4/xp/w2k machine to other machines on the network. This way you can be sure that each machine is set up in exactly the same way with the same password (assuming you want this of course!) AND you don’t have to visit each machine.


  1. MichaelE

    Check out Hyena at System Tools. They have a built in remote control manager that uses VNC. It will also push a VNC install to any machine in your browseable domain and also allow you to control it from the same interface.

    I actually just shifted us from using VNC to RAdmin instead. It’s got a tighter protocol and also interoperable with VNC. PLUS it allow stealth mode where you can install it. Run it on demand, then watch a user without their knowledge… Great for sneaking up on people goofing around with the LAN! * Mwa ha ha ha * { cough cough ..}

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