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Trying to install System Center 2012

I have been battling this install for 2 days so far and not getting anywhere. There are a ton of sql prerequisites and the install error messages are very vague, like this message below:-IF
Surely it can’t be that hard to display the version of SQL server that is detected.

I’m currently following Harold Wong’s System Center install guide along with Matthew Peter’s guide and downloaded the Cumulative update 10 for SQL.
Attempting to install this patch on the server gives the error message below.
Screenshot - 1_3_2013 , 11_56_37 AM

The stupid thing about this is that neither 10.51.2500.0 or 10.1.2531.0 are valid sql version numbers. Select @@version returns the accurate 10.50.2500.0 which is sql 2008 r2 sp1 but it ignores the previous cumalative update that I’ve already installed.

So far my hopes for System Center have been severely dashed and buried in the ground. It’s a good job we don’t have windows in this office or I’d be tempted to set fire to the server and chuck them out of the window.

It’s been a long start to the new year.


Upgrading from Windows8 Developer to Consumer Preview will lose your settings.

Even when running the Windows setup from within Windows, this is the option you get when upgrading from Windows8 developer preview to Consumer Preview. What a User Friendly screen! If I can “chose” what I want to upgrade, why only give me one option – which is nothing? Interestingly I could keep settings if I was upgrading from Windows7 – so it’s weird how you can’t keep settings from the Developer preview to the consumer preview. The Windows 8 faq has a table of what can be kept when upgrading from previous versions of Windows.

Current operating system What you can keep
Windows 8 Consumer Preview
  • Nothing (your files will be saved in the Windows.old folder)
Windows Developer Preview
  • Nothing (your files will be saved in the Windows.old folder)
Windows 7
  • Programs
  • Windows settings
  • User accounts and files
Windows Vista
  • Windows settings
  • User accounts and files
Windows XP
  • User accounts and files

It might be a good idea to have the upgrade options within the application itself and not as a link to an external website – this way the user gets to see what options they have.

Geocaching.com to Flickr greasemonkey script updated.

I updated my Geocaching.com greasemonkey script to work with the new cache names. This script automatically links to the flickr photos tagged with the geocache name ie GC1NMKA
When I first wrote the script back in 2005 I knew very little about greasemonkey scripts and unfortunately not a lot has changed. However I realized that the script broke as it was looking for the characters GC followed by 4 uppercase alphanumeric characters. New caches now have 5 characters so I needed to fix this.

A quick change to the script now looks for GC followed by any number of uppercase alphanumeric characters and can be found by going to geocache2flickr with a greasemonkey enabled browser and installing the script. This will be the official location but will also be available on the userscripts.org website.
Screenshot of geocaching.com website showing link to flickr page