Symantec Tamper Protection a waste of time?

Since I’ve been using Microsoft’s Virtual Server every time that I start the server up I get an error message from Symantec Corporate Edition entitled Symantec Tamper Protection Alert. Apparently the vmh.exe file is triggering the tamper protection and is allegedly being blocked by symantec….. However, the server seems to behave quite perfectly with having its .exe files blocked and the only visible side effect is a very annoying popup box that insists on being the topmost window complaining about the attempts (96+ per launch) I’ve not found anything on the web or google about this although I know I’m not the only one to have the error message


  1. dan

    i get the same error on all of my virtual servers… i have 4 of them… i get about 15 events in the event viewer per second which severly degradates server performance

  2. me

    Please log an incident with symantec then – hopefully the more people who comment saying “me too” the more chance we have of them doing something about it. Unfortunately I can’t find the link to my post on the forums – I’ll update you later if I find it.

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