e000e020 with BackupExec backup job missed last night.

If you have the misfortune to have BackupExec at your client sites, you may have noticed your backups failed last night with “e000e020 – The job was scheduled to run, but the availability window closed before the job could start. There may not have been any destination devices available during the window, or the job may have been submitted to run when the window was closed”

Apparently this is due to Daylight Savings Time – the solution is to rerun the job or wait and see if it runs tonight – Thanks for a really helpful solution Symantec.


  1. Annoyed Backup Admin

    It would be really nice if there was an email alert for ‘Missed’ backup since I got NOTHING come Monday morning. They have added the alert feature in Backup Exec 2010 but for most of us already using Backup Exec, this isn’t an option and it should be released as a hotfix.

  2. Another Annoyed Backup Admin

    Symantec says this issue does not affect 12.x versions of Backup Exec, but we are on 12.5 with all the current hotfixes and our backups skipped last night. As they did when we went off DST last November. Frustrating to say the least.

  3. Post

    Yep – we had two sites with the issue. I filled a comment on their website saying the data is incorrect and fix the page to say 12.5 *is* affected.

  4. BE12.5

    @#1: I think the alert for the failed Job wont work, because BE didn’t recognize that the Job failed. On page Alertmessages (“Warnmeldungen” in german) the e000e020 failed Job isn’t displayed too.

  5. Post

    Interesting you are posting this now Ivan – I guess your clocks changed this yesterday as opposed to us in the states who changed a couple of weeks ago? At least you had a heads up that the problem existed. 😉

  6. Simon

    I have had the same problem since GMT->BST with 12.5. It does seem to only have screwed up the jobs that have a time window that start and finish before midnight. Other jobs that have a time windows that rolls over midnight have worked.

  7. BE12.5

    Our problem occured after change vom CET (UTC+1) to CEST (UTC+2) on 28.03.2010, 02:00am.

    2 Jobs were sheduled on 28.03.2010: at 08:00am and at 09:00pm. Both failed.

  8. Eyeteemonkey

    Hey guys I have A SIMPLE FIX for you all.

    Instead of taking all the jobs (we had many) offline and re entering them like symantec says, all you have to do is where you change the scheduled time, put every job 1 minute forward. Both the start time and no later than time.

    This re enters the job and time WITHOUT you having to delete it and re enter. We did this and everything is back running smoothly.

    Also check your tape drive. We checked ours and its clock was an hour out as it doesn’t have inbuilt software to change it.

    Hope this helps and saves time

  9. Georg

    And what should be done, if this happens in July, when there no daylight savings time changes?

    BackupExec 2010, MS Server 2003, Job runs one night and fails other. Big riddles, that software. What would you recommend in stead?


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