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Scoble blogged about SauceReader.
Sauce reader – looks really neat. As the program was launched it ran through a quick tutorial – and then crashed with a “can’t load resource” error message. A quick reload of the application later and it was working. This utility also uses internet explorer as its browser engine 🙁 but has integration with w.bloggar (which you can use to “blog this”) or you can use its built in blog this facility – with the choice of which blog you want to use.
The autodetection of feeds works fine on my website although its not that obvious that it has detected a feed – the subscribe button becomes available but thats the only indication you get. Other readers tend to say “hey i’ve found a feed – do you want to subscribe?”. This is quite handy although can get annoying if they do this every time you visit a web page.
one bug i’ve seen is that if you hit the back button on the browser bar it actually moves the active browser window back – NOT the browser window within Sauce reader. Unfortunately for me, this meant it moved back on the MT popup window that I was writing this review in – and I almost lost it all. Thankfully I was able to get back to the data I had typed in!


  1. Nathan

    Interesting note about the feed detection not being obvious, we’ll have to think through that some more.

    We’ve had one report of this browser (unless it was you?) behaviour and are currently looking for more info. Please drop by our newsgroup and see if you can provide any more context on the bug:

    Also, if you have a chance please send your log file (C:\Program Files\Synop\Sauce Reader\saucereader.log) to [email protected]. It may help us debug the problem you had on startup.

    Thanks for trying Sauce Reader and writing about it. We’re working very hard to improve it and it’s feedback like yours that makes it possible.

    cheers, Nathan

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