7dayshop speed

The stuff I ordered from 7day shop arrived last monday – the 24th May. This was stuff ordered on Wed 12th May and which was in stock but not yet despatched until the 20th May. I’m still waiting for an outofstock item that has come back in stock sometime last week but still not been processed. I really don’t think I’ll bother ordering from them again.


  1. Bill Norrie

    I am also disgusted with the service from 7Dayshop. I ordered a camera from them on 21st May, which was ‘In Stock’ and didn’t receive it until 2nd June. When it did arrive, the Instruction book and all documentation was in German – not much use!!
    I emailed them the same day and got no reply.
    Phoned them on 7th June and was promised a replacement manual – nothing arrived.
    Phoned again on 14th June and after waiting 15 minutes listening to music, was promised the manual ‘in a few days’ – nothing……
    Phoned again on 22nd June and told by the person with whom I talked, that her supervisor had a copy and it would be sent out that day, first class post. Guess what – Surprise! Surprise! No manual has arrived (25th June)
    Tried to phone again today and was informed by ‘A Voice’ that the telephone ‘Helpline’ is no longer available and that I should contact the ‘Help’ service via their website.
    This I have done, but I won’t hold my breath!!
    There is no way I will order anything from them again, even if it is a much lower price than other vendors.

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