I’ve just come across gregarius which is another self hosted web based rss reader. This one looks pretty good and includes a decent search facility. It’s an alternative to feedonfeeds. I’m not sure which one I prefer at the moment. Although gregarius looks nice, has ajax for its user interface it seems to be a bit slow and the read/unread methods are clunky.
You can get unread messages in a view but unlike fof there are a lot of clicks needed to mark certain posts as read. With FOF I used to view all unread posts and if I had to stop reading due to time constraints then I’d click the link which said “select all to here” which would select all the posts from the top of the page to where I had clicked and then a “mark as read” button would be clicked and all those posts would disappear from the unread view and I’d be left with the rest to read when I next got some time.
With Gregarius it looks like you have to either have all unread posts marked as read or individually select each post to be read by clicking on the edit icon, clearing the unread checkbox and then checking ok. Repeat for 100 posts and thats a lot of clicking!
Update I have the double click plugin installed now but thats still a lot of clicking and you have to watch you dont click on a hyperlink within the body (which could be a pain if the entire body is hyperlinked such as in photostreams.
Be warned that an import of opml will overwrite any existing feeds that you have in gregarius!


  1. Martey

    Gregarius has a “Doubleclick to Read” plugin that will mark posts as read (causing them to automatically disappear) when you double-click anywhere in their body. It is included in the Gregarius distribution, but disabled by default.

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