Roadrunner and linksys

I logged a complaint with the better business bureau yesterday and the complaint has been forwarded to Roadrunner for their comments. Today I get a phone call saying that they are going to credit my account with the amount that I had paid them (how jolly nice of them!) and that they are going to write an official letter of apology to me. Not sure if the letter and the BBB is co-incidental or not…..
Then to top it all off, yesterday my roadrunner went down when the cablemodem lost its connectivity to the cable network. It took about 45 mins of fiddling with combinations of cable network, router and telephone adapter to get everything working – initially nothing was working but then I got the cable modem talking to roadrunner (and the pc attached directly to the modem also talking to the internet) but the netgear router would not get an ip from the cable modem and allow outside connectivity.
Therefore I decided to finally get the linksys wrt54g that I’ve been wanting to get for a while now (it’s a late birthday present) and thankfully I was able to find a version4 router on a display rack- all the ones in the normal shelf were version5 which aren’t hackable (apart from late breaking limited hacks). The other good thing was that they were reduced to $50 from $70.
With this new router I’ll be able to play with the different firmware versions and setup a vpn server. I’d also like to see if I can bridge a test and production lan using the wifi on the two routers – but thats a project for later on……