dd-wrt upgraded

I updated my Linksys wrt54g router to the latest version of the firmware this morning due to the recent announcement of a pretty big vulnerability where the software does not parse html correctly. I run on a different ip address range than the factory default so it would be harder to trip the effect but I think would still be pretty easy to do.
As usual the upgrade process, although fairly complicated, went smoothly. The system has the facility to backup and restore the config but unfortunately it is highly recommended that you hard reset the router before and after the upgrade which means a fairly tedious amount of data re-entry into the router.
To help document the router configuration I use the screengrab extension for firefox, visit each configuration tab and save the output to a file ready for review when reconfiguring the router.
The whole process takes about 30-40 minutes – I’m glad I don’t have to do this very often.
Having said all that – if you’ve not patched your dd-wrt router in the past two weeks – DO SO NOW!
I use the following pages for assistance (and save them for offline reference in case the router gets bricked.)


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