PocketPC reinstall

I decided to reinstall the pocketpc today with a factory reset and then a reinstall of the programs. I had found that Word, notes and contacts were hanging when I went to save them and Microsoft Media Player just wouldn’t start up.
Therefore I’ve reinstalled the following apps:-
MS Activation for reader ( to read the occasional ebook)
TomTom GPS + CityMaps (the maps were already saved to SD card so that cut down on backup/installation time)
MagiButton (allow proper close of applications)
Macromedia Flash player
Adobe Reader 7
MpegTV PocketTV
Pocketmind PocketMusic
GPX Sonar (old beta version as the newest only works on pocketpc2003)
kevtris (essential for those 10 minute breaks)
PocketWarrior – wifi checker
Pocket Streets & Trips 2005. Even though I got the USA version, there are uk maps to download!
total commander – file utility
Windows Theme Switch Today
Real Audio for PocketPC

Update After all that the pocketpc is still hanging – BUT I’ve found out that it only hangs if I have the SD card in the slot. If I power off the Axim, remove the sd card and then power it back on again, the axim resumes where it was and *instantly* saves the file. Now to work out why it does this in Word and notes (that I’ve discovered so far). The SD card is fine as the other apps seem to write to it ok (Thanks to treasure realm by deleting ignore_my_documents from the root of the SD card Word now works great! (So I’ve just wasted 4 hours restoring and wiping,reinstalling and wiping)