Quick way to get BIOS information without rebooting

If you want to get the BIOS version of a pc without rebooting or the Dell service tag then use the following useful command(s)
wmic bios >c:\temp\1.txt
notepad c:\temp\1.txt

The reason I pipe to 1.txt and then display in notepad is that the formatting looks all messed up in a dos prompt due to line wrapping but looks ok in notepad. The BIOS version and service tag will be displayed (among other things).
This beats my previous preferred method when doing remote support of going to Dell’s support site, going to warranty information and then loading their activex component to detect the hardware information.
Update: You do need to have admin rights to run this command.


  1. Jörgen Hjärtenflo

    I would go for the following powershell code, below!
    You can of course do it as a one liner, and of course use the >c:\temp1.txt as well, here you will get it formatted as you probably would like to expect !

    $computer = “LocalHost”
    $namespace = “root\CIMV2”
    Get-WmiObject -class Win32_BIOS -computername $computer -namespace $namespace


  2. Andy

    Thanks, although that assumes that powershell is installed on the computer (which in most cases it isn’t). That’s also a lot more typing and harder to remember than just “wmic bios”. I do acknowledge that your solution is good for scripting and could also be run on multiple machines remotely though.

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