Well with everything basically working,

Well with everything basically working, switched over the home page so welcome folks! I’m off to bed   

Now have Tabeditor fully working and a page referral program so I can see where people are coming in from! Hard bit of coding and debugging but its been interesting work

Speaking of work – its been a very busy day today with one person chmodding all the files in the root directory downwards and then all the phones and internet connections have been off. At least it was nice and quiet and hassle free from external people!   

Finally got TableEditor working. This

Finally got TableEditor working. This is a great piece of asp code that enables you to modify access (or sql) databases using a web frontend to create tables, edit data etc. Had a couple of problems with a “Object provider is not capable of performing the requested operation” when trying to run Schema commands with error number 800a0cb4. However, by downloading the latest patched update at their upload site I was able to get it working. I also downloaded the multiple database mod that shows all mdb files in the directory – useful for accessing multiple databases without having to code the paths in by hand and it now works great. Unfortunately I can’t let you access it 🙂 However if you want a copy of this that works with BargainHosts (the company I use to host this site) then drop me an email.   
Wow – I won my second internet entry competition today. Problem is I have no idea what I have won as I don’t remember entering! I think its some firewall or something!