Month: March 2002

Got a new phone on

Got a new phone on Thursday with work – a Nokia 6210 – spent Thursday evening getting some tunes downloaded (and composing my own) and playing around with it – its really good! Shame that there is a free offer for a badge which expires on Sunday, but the web site doesn’t accept uk registrations or my id 🙁

We now have water in

We now have water in the house again – since last Thursday we’ve had to keep turning the water on and off each time we’ve needed some water. Plumber came today and fixed it – now its really weird not having to turn the stopcock on and off. Plumber was cheap too!
Shame the same can’t be said for Double Glazing Sales! After 90 minutes (he was 90 minutes late) they quoted us 3200 pounds but immediately dropped it to 2200 if we brought it *soon* – and thats for three windows and a door!!

Just been using Sysprep to

Just been using Sysprep to clone a laptop in work and couldnt find the timezone settings anywhere! You need to put the number for the timezone and suprisingly enough W2K doesn’t tell you the NUMBER for the timezone that you are in. Eventually found a page that tells you at SWYNK. In case the link goes down, GMT is 85 (Mean Time) , and 90 (without MeanTime). You can also put ProductID=1233-13123-1231-31 in the UserData section so you dont get prompted for it (something that doesn’t seem to be documented on the Microsoft site.

Tried Pocomail last night –

Tried Pocomail last night – its a pop3 client which looks really nice. Unfortunately there are several usability features that are annoying and make it unusable. First is that the data fields are sorted mm/dd/yyyy which for us brits is really annoying. Secondly it downloaded some mail and then hid it from me. Thirdly and most annoyingly, when it converted mail (and on incoming mail) some of the mail has been converted into xml format with loads of tags and when you print an email that doesnt have the tags displayed – guess what is printed out! Needless to say thats another piece of software removed.
Still no sign of being able to work out what is slowing my pc down 🙁